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An integral part of this meeting room was the need for five enclosed and sound proof meeting rooms with air conditioning/ventilation. CMC built the meeting rooms at our shop in Chicago, IL and constructed the sound proof meeting rooms on site in San Antonio, TX for the 3 day event. Four of the meeting rooms measured approximately 16' x 16', while the fifth meeting room measured 20' x 24' to accommodate meetings larger than eight people. The facility was unique and had large windows across the wall that the meetings rooms were constructed in front of. Due to this, we designed floor to ceiling windows into the meetings rooms where possible.

When attendees first walk into the 16,000 sf meeting room they notice the large air wall we applied a wall warp to. This greatly transformed the room and created a large platform for branding that is often not an option. A hanging sign was added in the center of the room for visual interest.

The remaining space of the 16,000 sf meeting room was filled with the below spaces. Spaces were defined by installing different color carpets for each space: 

- 30 round tables with eight chairs for general meetings

- A lounge area for people to relax, scroll through their phones, or have informal talks with other attendees 

- A cafe where attendees could grab a meal at the catering stations and sit down to eat.

- A business center with a computer and printer as well as tall work tables with built in outlets/usb ports for            attendees to work on their computers. 

- An Innovation hub with a video wall and demos,  including a VR demo. 

Throughout the room there were additional details, such as charging stations, to enhance the space. The layout and elements within the entire space were conceived by CMC personnel to accommodate the needs of our client as well as provide creative options to outfit the room. CMC handled all the logistics, necessary orders, such as rental furnishings, electrical, rigging, etc., labor to install the entire room, and on-site show management throughout the duration of the event. 

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